Innovimmune’s oral INV-71 program targets ROR gamma (RORg), a master control switch of immune system activation. This novel therapeutic approach combines multiple anti-tumor mechanisms with a single oral agent promoting anti-tumor immunity through ROR gamma agonism. It has potential as a monotherapy, and in combination with novel immunotherapies including adoptive cell therapies for the treatment of various cancer. ROR gamma activation with INV-71 would be expected to provide a superior safety profile associated with the absence of generalized immunosuppression; minimal off-target and on-target toxicities. The INV-71 program is currently being fast-tracked in IND-enabling development for several solid tumors. Superior preclinical in vivo treatment efficacy in mouse syngeneic models of INV-71 candidate drugs as single agent and in combination with other novel immunotherapies has been established versus other synthetic RORg agonists.